The HALO (19.3.22)

Following a year of uncertainty, allow First Light Active to offer you The HALO, set to run on the Saturday closest to the Spring Equinox 2022. If that sentence doesn’t fill you with optimism then let me tell you a little more.

A scenic 4 mile lapped route across hilly meadows and picturesque woodland. The high terrain gives you expansive views across 2 counties and once you have descended into the valley you can recharge yourself alongside the lake and in the woodland before climbing back up again.

The HALO checkpoint is by the start at High Ashes. This will be stocked with individually packed consumables (bars, crisps, bananas, savouries, pizza, salty potato etc) as well as hot drinks and water. You will get a motivating round of cheers, quacks and oinks every time you lap.

You have 6 hours to do as many laps as you can, your pace is down to you. Go hardcore and run for the duration or take it as a day’s jaunt with your mates and help each other through “just one lap more”.

The navigation conundrum is solved by this event. It is marked out and the lapped format means that you know what’s coming up next, and you should not really have to check a map.

Running commences from the High Ashes duckpond. Yep, you’ll have the sound of the happy ducks in your head for the whole of the event. Now tell me I’ve given you enough positive vibes!

Oh ok, I’ve mentioned High Ashes a lot, this event is run in partnership with their Rural Project and a proportion of your entry fee goes into supporting their work. HALO and HARP, now that conjures up a heavenly vision.

Enter right here at;

Download GPS here at;

The 6 hour runners will be starting at 9am. (Whilst there was a 12 hour option, this has been removed this year due to lower numbers)

w/c 21.2.22 a series of HALO insights and tips feature on the Facebook page

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