Race the Sunrise – 20th March 2021

A bit of light competitive fun to get us into the Spring Equinox. Open to anyone who can look after themselves and run a bit. In the dark. The rules are;

Start at midnight, the moment the date clicks over from the 19th to the 20th March.

Run until sunrise (walking allowed but don’t forget the competitive bit). Sunrise on 20th Marh is at 6.03am.

Run in accordance with lockdown rules. Keep local. Avoid busy….well it probably won’t be busy.

Run solo or with a partner. For safety make sure you have someone in back up who knows where you are going and is capable of recovering you should things go awry.

Carry fully charged mobile phone (for the above) and a fully charged torch / headtorch.

You’re responsible for your own welfare so choose your route carefully (it’s not my fault if you get chased by enraged alpacas), carry adequate clothing in line with the conditions and then some more (it’s always coldest the hour before dawn). Carry / stash sufficient food / drink for 6 hours plus on the route.

Elevation weighting. Every 300m of ascent gains you an extra mile.

Record your run and send me the GPS / Strava / Movescount feed and a selfie. I will get it all amalgamated onto a leaderboard and post the results here and on the Facebook page.



As indicated on the most recent Facebook post, some people had requested to run on the Saturday night becuase of difficulties on the Friday night. You can do but you miss the Spring Equinox….and you also lose an extra 2 minutes because sunrise on Sunday is 6.01am. No attempting to alter the space-time contiuum otherwise you will be docked mileage. And tossed into the nearest black hole. May Persephone guide you on a righteous path as we run into Spring.

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