Crataegus monogyna

Right now my favourite spring spectacle is emerging. It’s a close run thing, there are many natural sights that vie for my attention; the swallow lifts my spirits and the dawn chorus makes waking a pleasure. Bluebells dominate the cool woodland floor and the canopy pulses with songbirds sporting their brightest finery. The increasing sunlightContinue reading “Crataegus monogyna”

Beta Challenge

Part challenge, part experiment, I was introduced to this rather niche ‘event’ via an underworld ultra running site. You have to complete 8 x 10km stages within a 24 hour window, you should space your starts 3 hours apart. My thoughts were to get the night time legs over first and then use the comfortContinue reading “Beta Challenge”

The Witching Hour – Facing up to the Pendle Way

I’ve generally been regarded as a laid back runner. Don’t get too excited, don’t faff or flap, just get my stuff in order and chat to people at the starting line as the countdown nears. At the go signal I get into a comfortable pace to settle my heart rate to a sustainable tempo andContinue reading “The Witching Hour – Facing up to the Pendle Way”